Annette ★★★★½

A deeply unconventional, cynical, witty and bonkers look at stardom, fame, jealousy, love, death, parenthood, and everything in between. Like someone put Eraserhead and La La Land in a mixer together. Genuinely was not expecting to love this as much as I did. As someone unfamiliar with Leos Carax prior to this film (though Holy Motors and Mauvais Sang have been on my watchlist for quite a while) his style here 100% clicked with me. Really everything here was clicking together almost perfectly: the excellent music from Sparks, a career best performance from Driver (who just further proves himself as probably the best actor of his ilk) with stunning supporting turns by Cotillard and Helberg, Caroline Champetier's cinematography and the gorgeous use of overlays in the fantastic editing. It's that kind of wild swing auteur flick we rarely get nowadays but I'm so glad that it worked so beautifully for me. Can't wait to rewatch it down the line.

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