Eternals ★★★½

Pretty much the MCU's Glass. Visually gorgeous, has some truly bold original ideas that are worth admiring, but whereas that movie revelled in Shyamalan's true to the heart sensibilities, however baffling they might be, here as expected, the worst parts are all Marvel. It's a tonally confused mess which shines occasionally when Zhao's ideas are clear and present. But when it's good, it's genuinely really really good.

Kumail, Harish, Lauren, Dong and Kit MVPs. Gemma Chan and Richard Madden had absolutely zero chemistry. Barry Keoghan was embarassing. Angelina Jolie was a goddess. The Bollywood dance number was...phew. Idk man, maybe next time don't get a filmmaker with a real style and sensibilities if you're just gonna make a post production mess of it like every other of the 50 films in the franchise. And Chloé, you're much better than this.

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