Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari ★★★★

One of the most entertaining and thrilling theatre experiences I've had all year, Ford v Ferrari not only manages to be an all-around dose of cinematic adrenaline, it's also a dizzying-high point for Mangold as a filmmaker, featuring some of the best direction not only of his resumé, but also of 2019 as a whole. Bale and Damon are also, phenomenal as expected from them at this point. And the sound design, production design alongside the beautiful, gleamy, sun-drenched cinematography are all worthy of Oscars.

Is it likely that I'll probably forget most of the plot points of this film in a few days? Yeah.

But did I still have a terrific time? Yeah!

This film is proof that big-budget, non-franchise blockbusters can still be fantastic films on their own if the people involved actually give a shit or two.

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