City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold ★★★★

Put it right up there with ‘Return of the Killer Tomatoes’, ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’ & ‘Tremors 2: Aftershock’, ‘City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold’ is in the category of “generalized movie sequels that little kid me preferred to their critically-lauded predecessors”. Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern and.. Jon Lovitz... are BACK and have arrived, respectively. On his 40th birthday, Billy Crystal discovers a map to lost gold about 60 miles outside of Vegas, which lines up perfectly with a business trip, so we’re off on ANOTHER mid-life crisis-ing with 3 friends— err, 2 friends and Billy Crystal’s older brother Jon Lovitz. I don’t know if Jack Palance was having fun or making fun during his time on screen but I’m here for it. Jon Lovitz is just playing himself at about a 5/10 but he’s still Lovitz so I’m here for it. I may have been as just confused by the the inclusion of the various Godfather references as I am today watching it yet I’m here for it. Is this ultimately a necessary or a “worthy successor” to the academy award winning original? To most: no, and still I’m here for it.