City Slickers ★★★

A quaint little movie that brings you in, kicks ya about a bit and then dusts you off before sending you on your way. Would have liked a bit more of the ensemble getting more actions and lines but it’s actually more balanced than I expected it to be. You’ve got an Oscar-winning performance and some decent bits, and adorable baby cows FRESHER THAN YOU’VE EVER SEEN! This is less of an overt “rootin-tootin” cowboy comedy as so much it is a western-based mid-life crisis comedy. Daniel Stern plays his role of “loser” wonderfully, Bruno Ganz plays cocky-friend-with-mustache quite well & Billy Crystal really pushes it with his “Helloooo” quota. There’s some unfortunately dated 90’s dialogue but overall, it’s harmless. All things considered, they probably could have corralled this movie together worse than they did so lets just call this a pretty OK corral. This is probably more of a 5.5/10 but there’s no such thing as a 5 1/2 shooter, so let’s just round up to 6.