Gran Torino ½

i know i'm not entirely supposed to review movies on here until right after i've seen them. i watched this movie some time last year. however, i was reminded of it, so this one is a special case. in fact, this isn't a review at all: it's a warning.

every moment i wasted watching this movie was agony. the blatant unapologetic racism, the comfortable use of violently anti-asian slurs, and the lack of any sort of moral character development make this film an absolute shitshow to watch.

boomers don't need viagra when they're already being jerked off by this one!!!

hats off to this movie for casting, though. so brave of known-racist clint eastwood to cast himself as a......[checks notes] ah! a known-racist! bravo! [chef's kiss]

the only credit i will give eastwood is the fact that it FINALLY gave me a definite answer to that ever-pressing question: "what's the worst movie you've ever seen?

thank you so much! yeehaw!