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    [Lightning Bolt spread, Major Arcana only]

    1. Overview: Hope/The Star
    2. Motivation: Emperor (Someone who provided structure/stability; A graceful command)
    3. Whatโ€™s hindering you: Empress (Mother Nature)
    4. First step you need to take: Chariot (Directing oneโ€™s energy wisely; Potential)
    5. If you take this reading to heart, what will the outcome be: Wheel of Fortune (Karma/Destiny; Acknowledging the unknown) + The World ( A heightened perspective to fulfill oneโ€™s promises; Fulfillment)

  • The Void

    The Void


    [LB spread]

    1. The Astral Influence
    2. 8 of Chalices
    3. The Hermit
    4. XIII
    5. IV of Wands (R)

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    A woman, with their hand covering their mouth, looked at me, as I was looking at her in suprise after witnessing an onscreen character's head partially explode.

    Overall unsettling rating: 5/5

    Thank me later for that spoiler.

    My favorite haunted house film.

  • Miss Bala

    Miss Bala


    Afs, preview screening

    If you like Green Room, Revenge, ...any story about an inept character making morally ambiguous decisions for them and/or their friend's survival, give this film a chance.