Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper

Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper ★★★★★

It’s interesting to see the mirror reflection of Miami Vice 2006. It’s more contained and domestic, there’s less jet setting and boat racing. Instead it excels in making you feel these people are unbound. Both of our protagonists have nothing, no family, no women, his estranged ex wife barely coming to the phone. They’re drawn into the positions they must play, compelled towards the final shootout. Both here and in 2006 they feel like a foregone conclusion but here the machinations that put them in play are more awkward and seen. Crockett and Tubbs get to see just how many agencies conspired to let them hang like this, while in 2006 they’re even more intangible than the mysterious force that spirits away drug dealers out of the reach of the law. Both are masterpieces: the absence of passion versus too much.