Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express ★★★★½

On a pure technical basis this movie is like 2 stars lower than I’m giving it. There’s some great shots in this, especially at the end, but it suffers from some pacing problems the more well known adaptation doesn’t. That being said, the fact that this movie exists raises this movie to almost perfection. There is a movie in 2017 that’s just a bunch of actors having the time of their life shooting a book that most people read in high school. Even actors I’m not super big on do a great job here because it’s fun to put on period dress and be a little weird guy. It’s even shot on real film and looks great because of it!! The spirit of this movie is infectious and I’m so glad there’s not just one of these but potentially a whole franchise of cool guys hanging out shooting a 100 million dollar episode of Scooby Doo