The Scary of Sixty-First

The Scary of Sixty-First ½

Painfully New York. Somehow manages to turn the most interesting criminal case in modern history into contrived melodrama. This movie is getting a lot of comparison to eyes wide shut, which only works if you view this as the Blade Runner Theatrical cut version. Everyone is on so many depressants that you would think you’re watching the lazy English dub of the worst Giallo film on the planet. Scary On Sixty First keeps painfully offering up enough hazy visions of the modern world that you may be tricked into thinking this is art not afterimage. I seriously wanted to turn this off and just watch something that can at least pretend to care about my interest as a viewer and not just subject me to endless masturbatory fantasy. 

(I kept having crazy ibs shits during this movie which might’ve impaired my decisions)

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