Iris ★★★★

Iris. 2001. Directed by Richard Eyre.

Richard Eyre’s Iris (2001) was an equally beautiful and sad telling of the magnificent life of Iris Murdoch. The screenplay by Richard Eyre and Charles Wood based on John Bayley’s books “Iris: A Memoir” and “Elegy for Iris” relied on flashbacks. In general, flashbacks are not my favorite form of storytelling when the writers rely solely on this mechanism to tell the story. I think it diminished the young Iris’s story portrayed by Kate Winslet. Moreover, the present day Iris’s (Judi Dench) was understandable and easy to follow. Roger Pratt’s cinematography (12 Monkeys, Chocolat, and The Fisher King) was brilliant as usual. James Horner’s score grew more somber as Iris lost her mind to Alzheimer’s. At the heart of the story is the importance of love, philosophy, and writing which are near and dear to my heart. 

Viewed on HBOMAX.

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