Xanadu ★★★½

Xanadu. 1980. Directed by Robert Greenwald.

Xanadu is an iconic musical, fantasy with Olivia Newton-John (RIP 26 September 1948 to 8 August 2022). We rewatched Xanadu to pay tribute to the angelic singer, actor, dancer. The Cambridge, England born singer died at the age of 73 in Hollywood after battling breast cancer (of which I have person experience). Xanadu is one of 88 film projects that Newton-John was involved. Grease (1978) is more popular. At any rate, Xanadu is a backlot film with Gene Kelly. Xanadu is literally a muse inspired musical with a fantasy/romance twist, if you were a Olivia Newton-John fan. The ELO soundtrack also adds to the tonality of 1980s vibe. 

RIP Olivia Newton-John 

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