Shame ★★★★½

I find this film fascinating. The question asked is extremely unpleasent: How do we handle intimacy in an sexualized world. The once most intimate Thing - sex - is handled as something ordinary nowadays. The protagonist is caught in the premiss that he sees sex as trivial but through this he struggles to express and to face his real problems and feelings, even to the point where when he gets to know and like someone he thinks that sleeping together has to happen immediately. He is addicted to it and is not able to create real intimacy by sharing himself through words. That is why he can not cope with his sister, she wants to get to know him but he does not know himself really and cant open up, for he is aSHAMEd of his addiction. He even says to her: "Actions count, not words!"
I also see the theme of the unpersonal, sterile and anonymous city life here, which makes you think you are all on your own, so you get lonely and flee into self-destructional patterns.

But this is too much to write more about (especially with my limited vocabulary) but I hope to make you see a bit more why this is a very good movie and to have given you something to read out of the movie.

Good night.

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