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  • The Sixth Sense

    The Sixth Sense


    i love this movie

  • RR



    A train thunders down an uneven terrain — surrounded but unbound by its worldly obstacles and bypassers, though certainly still acknowledging them, indulging in, embracing, and changing them. It’s the peace from when the train leaves and the darkness settles before opening onto another train that drives home the reminiscence; the sounds of the thousand previous rattling carriages carrying on in your mind. It’s hard to put into words how empty that feels. You’d hardly had enough time to get…

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  • TFW No GF
  • Love & Pop

    Love & Pop

    "Everything in the world's got a time for change. Men and women, grown-ups and kids. Maybe you've got two dads; or, maybe one day you're alive and are just a grave or a photograph the next. Things change and disappear before your eyes. It gets all blurry, and then it's not there. Things you think won't change... do, meaning that they can. Will I change? Will I be able to? All I knew was that I didn't know anything. Worldly…