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  • The Black Cat

    The Black Cat


    This movie sees a sweet little cat character-assassinated by an evil Italian director, who implicates its scratchy paws and pretty eyes in a series of tragic accidents. Yes, this is a film where a cat literally potters about an English village and slaughters people in varied, graphic ways. An incredibly dumb premise that kept me engaged to an extent - this is the most off-off-Broadway episode of Midsomer Murders imaginable.

    Of course, the spooky supernatural is at play, mostly represented…

  • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey


    Bill and Ted's second go-around was surprisingly less bogus than the first one. Given that I was prepared for the tone of the film and the humour, I was able to get a lot more from the leading duo's witless repartee. It's more of the same, but given a few days I was ready for another round.

    The most triumphant thing about the sequel is the near total removal of those godawful historical figures - their substantial involvement and the…

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  • Roma



    Cuarón's intensely personal examination of and reckoning with his privileged upbringing is a masterly piece of technical film-making as well as an example of momentous human storytelling. This is a film that puts in overtime to earn the term 'work of art'.

    The film didn't pull any cinematic punches bringing you into this world of memory. Shot with serene distance, pivoting on an axis from positions that allow multifaceted understandings of the space, the film has a deep-seated painterly quality.…

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    A nasty exercise in torturing the audience for no discernible reason. The film depicts lots of violence and cruelty in the most unbearable way possible, then has nothing to say but 'Oh, that looks pretty' or 'See, these things look the same'. Beyond that there's little clear thrust or purpose behind this depiction of violence - a fact made more reprehensible by the fact that the film flirts with some pretty awful messages. 

    The film is also gut-inverting to watch…