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Hugh Jackman once stole my Sharpie

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  • Short Term 12
  • I Killed My Mother
  • James White
  • The Birdcage

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  • Surviving Christmas


  • Christmas with the Kranks

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  • Licorice Pizza


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  • Titane



    Following on from her acclaimed debut, Ducournau once again dares to be different. Titane is unflinching, tough as nails, and wickedly wince-inducing. 

    Armed with some electric visuals, the first third of the movie fires up it’s engine with ferocity, motor-mating (good use of blaring headlights), and morbid humour. What comes thereafter is a surprisingly tender tale of acceptance, gender fluidity, and companionship. 

    An initially packed screening dropped by a few numbers after a select few left and returned (likely for a tactical vom?), whilst others left the auditorium altogether - if it’s not for you, why test the waters!?!

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    Wright’s Last Night opens up an intoxicating, twisty time capsule as a young aspiring fashion designer falls down a 60s Soho rabbit hole. Wright weaves together two young women’s narratives from past and present, and what is initially perceived as a wondrous discovery, turns out to be a frightening, frock-flowing fever dream. 

    This love letter to London Town treads some of my favourites of central’s streets, and I was in awe of how the production recreates the billboards, bright lights,…

Recent reviews

  • Surviving Christmas

    Surviving Christmas


    While this is admittedly an all-round wonky Christmas movie, it’s certainly not as insufferable as what the 7% Rotten Tomatoes score makes it out to be. The first half has moments that are misjudged and plainly unfunny, but that’s mainly down to Affleck’s big-kid performance that makes him feel awfully miscast. He’s trying to bring the material to life, but scenes where he’s jumping for joy are just awfully cringe-inducing. 

    The first half of the movie has a mean-spirited quality,…

  • Christmas with the Kranks

    Christmas with the Kranks

    I’d partly watch this holiday movie on an annual basis while channel-hopping on my TV. It always seems to be on outside of the peak Christmas period. I’d catch an occasionally bad scene, but then see the brief moment of redemption in the closing act. However, now watching Christmas With The Kranks in its entirety, it’s apparent just how ghastly and ugly this movie really is! 

    The whole ‘Christmas supremacy’ message on display here leaves a genuinely bad taste. I…

Popular reviews

  • The Harder They Fall

    The Harder They Fall


    Gunslingers go wild in this bloody good, rootin’ tootin’ black western. For his directing debut, Samuel showcases a stacked cast that’s drenched in swagger, belts out a whole lot of soul, and assembled with plenty of style.

    What’s immediately appealing about The Harder They Fall is just how hard these characters’ outfits drip. From the fedoras and top hats, to the neckerchiefs, waistcoats, denim, and suede jackets…everybody in this movie is so stylishly outfitted. I loved Jonathan Majors’ costume especially,…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    Gunn gears up a group of asinine adversaries from the D-list depths of the DC vault for a gutsy, goofily funny, and gunfire-heavy take on Task Force X.

    The Suicide Squad smooshes and slices through bloody battle sequences, but satisfies most when the supervillains spat using sarcastic quips and delirious dialogue. Gunn’s Guardians trademark is felt in an idiosyncratic script with some knowing humour (a throwaway character line especially) and the filmmaker loves to pit these leering lunatics at loggerheads…