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  • Love, Simon
  • The Birdcage
  • Pride
  • Fire Island

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  • Blue Jean

    Blue Jean


    Oakley's affecting debut is about sexual identity, survival, and self-acceptance in Thatcherite Britain, where the oppressive society is unfraid to invalidate (and quite frankly erase) queer identities. Rosy McEwen turns in a naturalistic performance as an anxious lesbian PE teacher who's protective of her own skin, but this comes at the expense of straining her relationships in both her professional and personal life. There's the added complexity here of her character navigating systemic homophobia, whilst also perpetuating it. While Blue…

  • Babylon



    Chazelle harks back to a transitionary time in Hollywood with the emergence of the talkies, exploring evolving audience expectations, La La Land's seedy underbelly, and just how painfully finite fame can be. Babylon is a dazzling, bleak, and intoxicating picture. The director has a lot to say, and his story has a tendency to go off on some incredibly wild tangents; In most instances, its fun, although I certainly could've done without the snake and that spell of vomiting. You…

Recent reviews

  • On the Count of Three

    On the Count of Three


    Struggling and looking for an out, two young men with their share of trauma and mental health, make a suicide pact and have one last hurrah on their final day together. On the Count of Three covers some sombre subject matter, but the writers (and Carmichael in the director's chair) deftly manage to inject some humour into the script as these two out-of-their-depth leads squabble over ways to go out and how to handle a gun.

    As expected, Carmichael and…

  • Pearl



    Goth goes all-in with one delusional display as a farm girl gone cluckin' insane. Fame-seeking Pearl looks to flee the coop and has her eyes on the prize, unafraid to axe the competition or those standing in her way.

    This pitchfork-wielding villain-in-the-making story isn't exactly barn-breaking, but there's laughable outrageousness to the actions at play here. Pearl's second half is better than the first, and as a avid fan of X (and West's filmography for that matter), I appreciated the…

Popular reviews

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    Colman’s coastal escape is tainted by memories of messy motherhood and a growing obsession with others. As a thieving tourist with uncontrollable curiosity and unapologetic bluntness, it’s no wonder that she finds herself in a spot of bother.

    While Colman is compelling as always, The Lost Daughter never seems to capitalise on its intriguing ideas (one of which revolves around a doll). There’s a considerable slump in the middle made up of detracting flashbacks, although the scenes are commendably performed…

  • Mad God

    Mad God

    I have to give it to Phil Tippett, the VFX Artist behind the masterful stop-motion in Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Robocop. He’s a talented gentleman and his ambition is undeniable. I appreciate that he’s been given a platform to craft his own vision, but what I witnessed here in Mad God was so aesthetically repugnant.

    I can’t even begin to explain to you what this film is about. It’s setting is somewhere in the darkest recesses of subterranean hell,…