Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★½

While this calamitous comet clasher strikes on a comedic level, it’s thematically too on the nose for my liking. 

Not all the characters work (Rylance is just plain weird!), but there’s some entertaining turns from thirsty pundit with too much teeth whitener, Blanchett, and a halfwit Hill in Office. DiCaprio delivers as you’d come to expect, although it pains me to say that Timothée (as much as I adore him) crops up to fill a void, but it all still feels rather empty. While Don’t Look Up has a much sought after, impressive roster, it ultimately becomes the inevitable of having talents that are just “name actors”. The film becomes increasingly odd, and as a result, my interest dwindled. 

While I fully appreciate that this is a black comedy, I do find it hard to see the quirky and humorous intent behind pre-apocalyptic disasters. Seeking A Friend For the End of the World is another prime example. I suppose it’s the depressing and grim eventuality of what’s to come. The tone just doesn’t sit right with me. Disaster movies at least have some kind of hope for those that survive. I guess films about impending doom and nothing thereafter are probably just not for me.

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