La Haine

La Haine ★★★★½

I finally got around to watching this after some much-needed pestering from Siegel. Its a film which I've been meaning to watch for probably the last 15 years.

And now having just watched it, I'm utterly stupefied.

La Haine feels awfully timely in it's depiction of class, politics and police brutality. The film revolves around three young male immigrants living in a poor neighbourhood in Paris, and follows their movements through the city over a 24hr period. The young men have conflicting views on violence, but are nevetheless embroiled in rioting and enraged by aggressively-targetting police officers, of which they are continuously victimised.

The film is so well shot (THAT dolly zoom 🤤) and the remastered/upscaled black-and-white 90s footage looks stunning. The rebellious nature of the three men is conveyed playfully and their constant bickering really made me laugh. The scene with the amateur haircut was too good and probably taps into a lot of the meltdowns people faced over their own quarantine-cuts this year. Elsewhere there are some genuinely tense sequences and a really well staged moment of one's crisis of conscience. As for the provocative finale, it was shockingly breathtaking - I'm still thinking about it.

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