No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

The new Bond is a bombastic belter with a refreshing shift in direction from Fukunaga and a script that is laced with thrills, humour, and pathos. The action stunts scream duck and cover and Sangren’s cinematography is stacked with stunning shots.

Closing out his 00-chapter, you’d think this James would be jaded 5 movies in, but he’s not. In fact, Craig seems a lot more looser in the role. He’s quippy, caring, and happy to share the stage with his female counterparts. I’d happily salud a drink with him!

Speaking of female counterparts, bringing Waller-Bridge on board for script rewrites has helped shape two wickedly talented women in the field and proves that female action heroes can be just as much of a blast. Lashana Lynch is a cunning sharp-shooter with some slick sunnies, while Ana de Armas is utterly divine (THAT DRESS) and slays with some jump kicks when not firing a rifle. Her character is just adorable and the whole sequence set in Cuba, where she features, is my favourite part of the movie.

No Time to Die’s villain is a forgettable disappointment though. I’m not really sure what Malek was going for here, but his take on Safin didn’t do anything for me, feeling very one-note in execution. Maybe he should’ve just kept that mask on. I know a lot of people hated on Dominic Greene in Quantum, but at least Amalric’s performance was a bit more animated. I never boarded the Rami Malek hype train to begin with, nor did I hop on the Bohemian Rhapsody bandwagon (and who in their right mind would!?!).

Elsewhere, Zimmer’s score incorporates Bond’s leitmotif to effect, but also beautifully honours an iconic instrumental from a franchise great. Just give “Matera” a listen on the film’s score 🥺 In addition, “Cuba Chase” has some terrific cultural flavour injected into it! 💃

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