Saint Maud

Saint Maud ★★★★

Maud (Morfydd Clark) is a palliative carer for hire and is assigned her next patient, terminally ill ex-dancer/choreographer, Amanda (Jennifer Ehle). Maud is devoutly religious, recently reformed, and fanatical about proving her devotion to God. She sees her pairing with Amanda as having some kind of higher calling, and will stop at nothing to cleanse her patient's soul.

Oh lordy, Saint Maud is a bruising and ferocious psychological religious horror. It is tonally unnerving with a tormenting score, and has imagery provocative enough to shake you TF up. Ehle's character is frighteningly fiery, bitingly critical and leads an unabashedly hedonistic lifestyle. She's dismissive of faith too, which only spurs Maud on. Maud's unravelling is a revelation, arguably delusional (perspective is key) but nonetheless committed, and tremendously carried by Clark. I think it's fair to say there are some bits in this movie that match the body horror of First Reformed's climax. The scene with the pin foot step is viscerally impactful, with the insole's piercing pin pricks being truly felt. The film's final frames absolutely terrified me. Excellent debut from Rose Glass.

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