The Souvenir: Part II

The Souvenir: Part II ★★★

In some ways, The Souvenir Part II is an enriching follow-up as Julie unpacks her suppressed feelings from a troubled romance, processes this pain, and projects her rollercoaster of emotions through the outlet of filmmaking. Her journey in moving forward is compelling to a degree, and Hogg’s writing ensures a suitable level of character growth.

There’s familiar faces amongst the British talent on-screen, and it’s always amusing to see Richard Ayoade again who is on exceptionally savage form. Scenes play out surprisingly, particularly a scene featuring Joe Alwyn. 

However, I felt rather distant watching The Souvenir Part II. While similarly cold, I found that I connected more with the first film and it’s depiction of a tumultuous relationship. The sequel has some abstract moments with head-scratching effect, and the film’s soundtrack frustratingly cuts short, rather abruptly and frequently. Can we not just enjoy the song!?!

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