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  • Daughters of Darkness

    Daughters of Darkness


    Arthouse meets Grindhouse is one of my favorite things, and Daughters of Darkness transcends its vampire genre trappings (they’re in the movie, just notat the forefront) for a more psychological approach, plunging us headfirst into a surreal, gothic fever dream of hyperstylized, psychosexual evil. Blissfully wonderful set design, cinematography, pitch perfect direction, and desire fueled performances (Delphine Seyrig channeling Marlene Dietrich and Andrea Rau are magnificent) elevate this erotic nightmare of Kubrickian proportions.

    Also, I gotta say... the score made…

  • Inferno



    Overshadowed by Suspiria on the left and Tenebre on the right, Inferno is an absurd masterpiece of visual perfection. Argento’s descent into supernatural insanity is everything I could want from a film that changes main characters every 20 minutes and tosses narrative out the window—taking the the time to fuck my mind with eye popping colors in every frame of every shot. I’ve often said that one day Inferno will be my favorite Argento film, and that day may be…

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  • Dagon



    Highly atmospheric low budget Lovecraft jam more indebted to The Shadow Over Innsouth than it’s titled source material really hones in In mood, with a sleepy seaside village constantly under seiged by rain and gloomy surroundings whilst filled with pale faced, gill necked, webbed fingered odd ones worshipping the lurking terror beneath. Tentacles, slimy hooded fishmen shambling about stone paved-rain flooded alleyway, and gloomy journey to face ‘the thing that should not be’, Dagon just works for me.

    With a…

  • Blood Salvage

    Blood Salvage


    TCM style ripoff that’s a little bit American Gothic and a little bit Mothers Day, framed by a peak performance from producer Evander Holyfield. Plus John Saxon abdva room full of operates on people with tubes and metal attached to them. Perfect Friday night shenanigans!

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  • The Ritual

    The Ritual


    As much as I admit to liking cheesy jump scares and sometimes dumb teenager based horror, David Bruckner’s The Ritual is exactly the kind of adult dread jam I was looking for: an unsettling, moody picture that’s both beautifully shot and well acted, all while drenched in a specific atmosphere that I f’n love. 

    Utilizing the incredible landscape for some truly beautiful images, Bruckner’s film (based on novel of the same name) mixes elements of things we’ve seen before, executed…

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    The academy award memorial forgot about Tobe Hooper during the live broadcast. Luckily I didn’t.