A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★

Not anywhere near my favorite of the series, too much dopey pop culture sellout/mass consumption happy meal horror for my tastes, but no matter what I rate this movie... I’ll always kinda admire it?

Released at the height of “Freddy-Mania”, this was one of those movies my cousin stole from the video store, so we watched it ALOT, plus it’s the highest grossing slasher film of the 80’s... the poster RULES, there’s cool colors/lighting choices galore, the time loop stuff is super fun and I would have loved more of it, pizza souls is a favorite moment, and that Roach Motel scene is amazing, disgusting (fuck roaches) and one of the best kills in the series (or genre) thanks to some gnarly grotesque bug fix. There’s some rad stuff here but I dunno... Once Freddy became pop culture, pop culture crept into Freddy movies.

Kill count taken from a fan site:

1. Roland Kincaid - Stabbed in stomach, stabbed through abdomen/belly three more times/belly impaled with bladed glove, gutted, blood-loss 

2. Joey Crusel - Pulled into waterbed, stabbed in torso with bladed glove

3. Kristen Parker - Thrown into lit furnace, burned to death 

4. Sheila Kopecky Kissed by Freddy, sucked dry of all body internal organs

5. Rick Johnson - Hit in face/chest/stomach several times, bladed glove launched into fore-chest 

6. Debbie Stevens - Elbows broken, arms fell off, transformed into a cockroach, crushed to pieces inside a roach motel

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