Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

I loved the opening credits, excellent gore, exciting set pieces, and the zombie tiger shenanigans

I’m kinda indifferent to Snyder as a filmmaker, his style is so far from my preference and personally I’m fine with never seeing/hearing about superhero movies ever again or listening to echo chamber rage about why those movies are great/bad because I just don’t care, BUT... I do root for the guy, especially after everything that happened to him and his family. I really dig his Dawn of the Dead and some of that flavor is here, but this thing is so long (this trend of blockbusters being 18 hours long is so unappealing to me) and some of its ideas felt undercooked to me.

I liked Bautista in this and hope he continues to get more drama oriented work thrown his way and the new zombie lore was interesting, Vegas as a setting is my jam, and I loved the insane zombie tiger mauling scene and how scumbag characters received fitting comeuppance. The absence of the drab themes that turn up in his DC films was refreshing to me and I hope he explores his fun and energetic side way more because these are the movies I’d much rather see this guy make, especially with his Romero theme flavorings peppered throughout.

Super solid movie that I’ll probably like even more on rewatch—that .50 cal body pulverizing scene is aces and Snyder delivers so much of what I actually want to see in a zombie film I feel like a higher score from me is inevitable. I’m going with a 3/5 for now, we’ll see in a few days where I stand with this.

Update: revisited this again and liked it way more

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