Candyman ★★★★★

90’s graffiti gothic Urban folklore loaded with subtext and oodles of everything that makes me love the first half of that decades horror way more than its much lauded second half. The grotesque Barker flourishes are gruesomely beautiful and startling, the Chicago setting and beautiful overhead shots works perfectly, the urban legend academia angle is equal parts interesting/disturbing, and that score is just to die for… the kind of hauntingly beautiful saccharine soundwaves that become legendary the second you hear it.

In a decade filled with some of my all time favorite genre jams, Candyman is perhaps My favorite 90’s horror film and a genre monolith if you ask me. The kind of movie that scared the hell out of me in my formative years and still manages to flex that terror clout almost 30 years later.

Special shoutout to all timer sleazeball Xander Berkeley—never trust a man who calls you sweetie pie.


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