Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky ★★★★

I really enjoyed Curse of Chucky with it’s return to a more straightforward approach so I was eagerly awaiting Cult of Chucky and I wasn’t disappointed! Following the events of Curse, we follow Nica in her daily life at a mental institution, soon enough numerous good guy dolls show up and shit goes down. 

Two things I dig: Don Mancini does whatever he wants and I love him for that, Fiona Dourif is great in these - it’s pretty clear that she’s the future of this franchise which is AWESOME… plus there’s some fun kills, nice gore, and the tongue and cheek dark humor returns and I didn’t mind it. It’s not better than Curse of Chucky but I’d rather watch this than Bride, Seed, or 3 (and yes I like all of those) at this point and I can’t wait to watch the unrated cut on blu! 

When the head doctor at the asylum brings out a Chucky doll at a group therapy session a patient asks where he got it, when he said “Hot Topic” I spit my coffee everywhere. As a former hot topic employee who sold Chucky dolls I couldn’t help but laugh.

Also, Jennifer Tilly <3

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