Deathgasm ★½

When this first came out I saw it piss drunk with a bunch of friends celebrating another friend getting out of the hospital after recovering from getting harassed and beat up by a bunch of slack jawed nascar fans in the parking lot of a pharmacy while picking up his grandmothers prescription—and tbh before the movie was even over we were setting off fireworks and listening to ratatat so I can’t say my original “liking” of this movie had anything to do with the actual movie but more so with a great circle of friends moment.

This is all over my lb feed because of joe bob so I figured I’d pop it in and give it a fair shot since I more or less dig all the things this is homaging... but this thing like... isn’t my jam at all. My old room mate is in touring death/black/extreme metal bands and I sent him a picture of the dude in the makeup with a TRIVIUM poster behind him and he spit his coffee out everywhere and almost fell off his chair lol.

Rehash of things we’ve seen over and over again but streamlined even more like a boring microwave dinner. I’m sure this’ll have plenty of fans, but for me it’s a hard pass.

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