Dream Demon ★★★★

Undervalued British Horror from 1988 does a wondrous job injecting Elm Street sensibilities into a Hellraiser-esque universe. It’s almost a perfect mixture.... feeling like it could take place in the same brooding neighborhood as Clive Barker’s film and dream world/alternate void feeling like a less industrial/more disoriented version of Freddy’s hallucinogenic boiler room. 

I really loved this visuals, practical effect work, and overall hazy fever dream atmos that anchors this thing—when we hit dreamland the camerawork gets slightly disorienting and that only adds to the nightmarish nature of this movie that feels so fantastical. The cast is solid, featuring a nice pairing of Diana, a soon to be married UK dressed in white schoolteacher and Jenny, a goth punk from L.A. dressed in black... plus I can’t not mention Timothy Spalls and his escalating transformation into a glutinous, bloody noodle devouring, disgusting dream jester who’s hellbent on continuously tormenting our leads.

Dunno if everyone will dig this, but if it’s any consolation most of the people I trust the most on this site also seem to really jive with this... and with Arrow putting this out hopefully more folks will check this out now—new transfer looks great and does wonders for the visuals. Plus there’s astral projection and alternative universe/endless void stuff and that is totally my bullshit.

Dream Demon is low key one of my favorite horror films from 1988—it’s interesting, undervalued, and ripe for rediscovery.

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