Fantasy Island ★★★

Way more fun than I was led to believe, and not nearly deserving of all these 1 star reviews I see plastered all over this site by swill peddling meme lords. It’s not great, but it’s like eating a three completely different candy bars at once lol—filled with nutty layers and gooey caramel. Saccharine stupidity. I used to watch the OG show and the nods were fun, plus I love my girl Lucy Hale so yeah... this isn’t vying for any awards but who cares?

Anyways, I watched that genre/critical darling movie The Lodge the other day and this was a million times more interesting and better looking—and most importantly it didn’t try to hide its Kubricks Turn of the Screw idealology with dollops of slow zoom shots (which I usually love... when it’s actually done with flavor) of a triangular house frame for 47 minutes. Fantasy Island and it’s meathead director knew exactly what it was and that’s so refreshing to see. 

Can’t wait till this gets a 12K remastered blu ray (with lenticular cover) from vinegar syndrome in 47 years and everyone slams that star button to max capacity!

(Also I kind of don’t want to wait 47 years for that lenticular cover)

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