Fatal Exam

Fatal Exam ★★½

16mm Regional supernatural slasher hokum runs a bit long but the good stuff in here is awesome and made it all worthwhile—I dug the setup, the outdoor shooting locations, one liner zingers, the super solid score, the zone out drone out atmosphere, and the always admirable low budge moxie on display—plus a guy drinks about 538 Pepsi Cola cans.

The line “there’s a fucking head in the coffee table!” mixed with how cool the poster for this is swayed me with an extra half star—there’s some super fun dialogue and spooky house shenanigans as well and I’m always down for that. This was the only movie in the box set I hadn’t seen, and honestly I don’t know how often I’ll be revisiting this little slice Missouri mayhem but it’s super charming never the less!

This homegrown horrors set is really cool, looks great, features excellent transfer work givin the materials available and hopefully has many volumes in the future! For now Arrows American Horror Project volumes take the cake for regional oddity swill that gives me the vapors but regardless of that It’s a minor miracle any of these movies get the deluxe treatment and thankful is the first word that really comes to mind. Three cheers for more sets!

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