Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ★★★★

I’ve been on and off harsh on this movie in the past, but I really do love it—it kinda just makes me happy, plus my dad randomly decided to watch this 5, and 6 with me after we decorated the outside of the house with pumpkins and skeletons, I really can’t think of a better way to spend a cool October day into night. 

I laugh every time the bartender is trying to call the police station and no one is answering so he and all the ‘good ol’ boys’ wearing a lot of flannel and vest jackets (who are getting tanked at said bar) all hop in their shotgun equipped pickup truck brigade and haul ass to the police station lol. 

There’s a lot of whacky stuff in Halloween IV... a power company guy named Bucky who gets chucked into some electrical transformers, gas stations blowing up, the kids at school picking on Jamie are trash monsters, sheriff meeker—he’s cool, the drunk reverend is one of my favorite things ever, Ellie Cornell is awesome, the aforementioned redneck truck brigade, the chatty security guard at the sanitarium had crazy eyes, holy shit there’s a lot of shotguns in this movie, unhinged Loomis at the end, and what very well may be the perfect opening credits for a Halloween movie. So yeah, this is 4 Stars now.

Shout out to the few scenes that actually use the mask style from Halloween and Halloween II, it’s in there!

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