I Drink Your Blood ★★★★★

A full on rabies infested satanic hippie sabbath, injected with paranoia, drug fueled cannibalistic madness, and an escalating sense of absolute mayhem covered in layers of disturbingly thick grime. Imagine a satanic hippie turning rabid after eating a rabies injected meat pie, hacking off a guys leg (after brutally stabbing his LSD soaked body 10 times), and chasing after you with an axe in one hand and hacked off leg in the other. 

I Drink Your Blood is the middle ground between Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, joining the latter as one of two movies that (upon first viewing) I was completely in the dark on whatever journey our director chose to send us next—totally unsure of what gauntlet I’d be put through next—and that may be the highest compliment I could ever give. Not for everyone, but certainly for me—an absolute favorite and a veritable madhouse of terror that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to shock factor.

Let it be known, sons and daughters, that Satan was an acid head. Drink from his cup; pledge yourselves. And together, we'll all freak out."

Tune in, freak out, get beaten.

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