Knife+Heart ★★★★½

French queer giallo that drifts into fantastique territory and hands down contains exactly what that empty husk of a movie I watched before this (strange color of your blah blah) lacks so desperately—emotion. Knife + Heart is such an apt title and I’m estatic that there’s finally a contemporary giallo that isn’t focused on a checklist of every trope imaginable or samples of second tier giallo needle drops. Sure... there’s homages in this but nothing about this feels smug. 

I loved where this went with the second act, delving into the fantastique elements way more than I imagined it would—unsettling me in a positive way with just enough dreamy atmos to sweep me away in the process... just long enough to make me forget I was watching a giallo—plus that score! Big props to Vanessa Paradis for her Mimsy Farmer worthy genre performance (that might be one of the highest compliments I could give someone) and to the director for not naming anyone in this Edwige.

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