Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead ★★★★

I don’t think anything compares to George’s earth shattering 1968 monolith (few things do) but this is one of those tapped off cable movies that I’d watch over and over again during the 90’s and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since. I think its a great remake that still holds up 30+ years later despite it’s semi ‘lost in the shuffle status’ and that’s a shame, Savini’s film sticks to the source material but also adds a fresh coat of paint courtesy of Romero’s updated screenplay that touches more on gender politics and the relationship dynamics of our sieged in characters and I can jive with that.

Tackling a sacred cow genre monolith is probably one of the most anxiety inducing things I can think of but I think Savini was the perfect person to fit the bill. Naturally the gore/makeup is on point, but he’s got some solid chops and I wish there was more material akin to this in his directorial credits. Also… the cast? Love it! Tony Todd as Ben is a chefs kiss and Patricia Tallman’s updated Barbara story arch was a badass pleasure to watch, but the performance I always think about the most with this movie besides the heroin junkie zombie shambling around with a needle still in the arm is how much of a bloviating scumbag human Cooper is and how Tom Towles really nailed my least favorite kind of jerkoff character, he’s great in this and his demise is one of the most satisfying deaths in any movie.

I also think this works so well because this particular story is timeless and forever relevant because we live in bankrupt world populated with legions of shitty pukehead yo-yo’s who only care about themselves.

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