Opera ★★★★

Blessed Ravens never forget.

Even though there is no suitable way to ever follow up something as insanely good (and awesomely batshit) as 1985's Phenomena, Argento returns with Opera and it doesn't disappoint with its sweeping camera work and intense murder sequences, Argento still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve... and then some!

A black gloved (with plastic gloves OVER the black gloves lol) hooded figure sadistically forces a young opera star to watch as he brutally murders performers in a production of Verdi's opera "Macbeth."

After the previously Mentioned Phenomena and 1975's Deep Red, this was one of the first Argento films I had ever seen. What Opera may lack in script, big name casting, or new ideas, it makes up for with flash, supreme tension, and excellent direction from one of the great visual filmmakers of that era. Oh yeah, and that ending that everybody hates it’s awesome.

Also, I genuinely smile during a movie when I see the amazingly talented Daria Nicolodi on screen. <333

Watched along with (and enjoyed our usual top notch banter lol) my good friend Perry!
I hope you liked it!

It's pretty damn good. 
Now go watch Tenebre, Perry!

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