Opera ★★★★

Sweepingly beautiful camera work with graphically intense murderyog sequences (If you've seen the cover art for this, you know are fucked), Argento crafts a doozy of a giallo against the backdrop of an Opera production of MacBeth and the soundscape of pulsating metal. ‘Blessed Ravens, never forget’. Honestly, this is my least favorite of Argento’s popular films, but Opera really is a tense thrill fest of blood and that keyhole scene is a 10/10.

The new Scorpion Releasing/Code Red blu (I mention both because the case says Scorpion but the disc says Code Red, Lol those crazy Olsen brothers) looks and sounds fantastic! The color correction job they spent 45 million hours doing really shows, I saw colors in this that I never knew were there! Bravo!

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