Possessor ★★★★½

Dehumanizing techno ultra violence for the working human. Cubicle life in 2020, filled with painful bloodletting, melting faces, and tense moments of self doubt while dying for someone else’s dream.

I thought about this movie endlessly since first watching it, as I wake up every day to fulfilling the richest man on the planets devious business while punching in for 12 hour shifts at a intrusive life possessing slave labor job that has infected me like a face hugger. That’s how I relate to this movie and it’s characters holding on to a shred of empathy as simple as remembering that killing a butterfly made them feel something. When I decided to get a better job and stop living paycheck to paycheck I was so optimistic about the future and how I could now provide for my loved ones. 

Now, each day I wake up living in the Day of the Dead scenario of marking another day off the calendar in fear that my psychological torture chamber means of monetary survival is equivalent to looking at my own butterfly in a box with baggage of dead loved ones and tattered friendships that shouldn’t have changed but did—I feel nothing.

Pull me out.

Anyways, this was cathartic for me and I loved it.

Favorite of the year so far.

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