Sleepwalkers ★★★★½

Use your Illusions. 

Incestual, shapeshifting, lifeforce feeding bipedal werecat energy vampire nomads... on the run from bodega bay and smack dab in the middle of the early 90’s quirky King universe. Fun, small town weird with just the right amount of snark and a hero cop cat who, goes full Rambo in a rescue attempt, even breaks the glass of a window in order to TCB and that’s something I’m all about. 

I haven’t watched this in years, it was absolutely a cable staple in my youth, but became one of those movies I was afraid to revisit because of what I might think about it now. I love being wrong, because it exceeded my expectations. Cemetery dates, teenage movie theater awkwardness, cop kebabs, Alice Krige, all the cats, Udo from Beetlejuice, the cameo scene, Mark Hamill, the car chase, and Clovis—ATTACK CAT, it all just clicks for me. Definitely my favorite Mick Garris (surpassing Critters 2 by a thread) and nailing everything I love about fantastical, weird 90’s horror. Play Enya and Sleepwalk on repeat for the rest of my life and I’ll die happy.

The new scream factory disc looks great, i was lucky enough to procure the limited edition poster as well... and it will be framed. Cool interviews on the disc as well, I love Mädchen and that she participated in the features. I watched this with my cat, and when deputy Simpson dies and Clovis walks over to him and lays on his corpse gave me quite the emotional feel. I forgot about that, and I had to wake up and hug my little ball of fur immediately (she was like WTF DUDE WHY ARE YOU WAKING ME WHATS GOING ON), two seconds later she settled back down with her head resting on my foot. A nice reminder that you might choose them... but they choose you as well <3

Hated by many, but not by me—I can’t wait to watch this again!

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