Speed ★★★★½


Speed is a deceptively simply, tensely energetic, highly entertaining mid 90’s action jam—complete with explosions, a killer score, awesome action editing, Keanu Reeves and Jeff Daniels being introduced with their car seemingly 20 feet in the air, a villain in Dennis Hopper who isn’t interested in world domination—just a few million will tide him over, a bus flying over missing highway, Alan Ruck lol, the lady with the baby carriage full of cans, surprisingly memorable dialogue, and setpiece after setpiece of blistering fun.

I didn’t see Speed in theaters but caught it the following year when it hit vhs, immediately joining the ranks of action movies I love... where it’s comfortably stayed since. I’m very glad it holds up wonderfully, but can’t help but think it doesn’t get mentioned enough when talking about that decades best action movies, especially since I remember how popular this was that summer, with everyone and their mother uttering the phrase ‘POP QUIZ HOT SHOT’... what a time to be alive. 

I’m so glad I gave this a revisit, Speed still rules.

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