Superstition ★★★★

A Canadian production shot in California and featuring one of the coolest movie posters of all time, Superstition has a lot of things going for it that immediately hit my sweet spot... a shadowy witch figure (yes, from the poster!!) illuminated in light/fog while shifting through a house like an Argento tracking shot, cackling ambiance, people being thrown around a kitchen, a pulsating score, exploding microwaved heads, an elevator shaft hanging, a priest getting crushed in vice-like (wine making?) machine, a body severed in two by a possessed window, death by renegade circular saw blade, death by a shattered mirror, and someone has their head hammered to the floor with a stake.

This supernatural witch slasher has a definite Italian vibe... from the low key great camerawork from a beyond solid DP and gnarly deaths that sometimes come OUT OF NOWHERE to the dragging second act filled with wonky pacing. Even the at times Goblin-esque score pulsates nicely—containing that very famous excerpt from Dies Irae (the same one that turns up in Jason Lives and countless other movies). I wouldn’t be surprised if this may have had some sort of influence on the La Casa series.

Superstition is far from perfect though, the performances are average at best and the aforementioned second act issues bog it down, but when it’s on it’s really on, crazy things randomly happen like the previously mentioned elevator hanging or a character has a crazy nightmare death dream where bloody spikes come out of the ceiling... plus the final act really brings it all home, big time, like an 18 wheeler rumbling down a hill with no brakes. Super fun overlooked gem that I kinda love a leetle more with each revisit. So glad Scream factory put this out on blu!!!

Also, I gotta say one more thing... this movie gives no fucks. Kids die. No one is safe. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again... DON’T FUCK WITH WITCHES.

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