Tenet ★★

I know lots of folks dig this and it’s Christopher Nolan, but full disclosure: I have a hard time connecting with most Nolan movies... his style and approach to filmmaking/how he composes scenes usuallly isn’t my cup of tea. 

With that said, I went in with an open mind thinking that this would be the one to tip the scales back in his favor for me but holy hell I just couldn’t get into this movie, fact of the matter is I didn’t care about anything I was seeing, and the “just as good as bond” reviews I’ve read on here didn’t really strike a chord with with me either—I’ll give it praise for a few of the action sequences, but that’s about it. Nolan’s trademark bland stylistic choices and uncanny ability to make the safest/most obvious choices ever only to play it off like some big calculation/gift to mankind is the most vanilla thing I can imagine, so this left me cold, tired, and in a very bad mood. Zimmer isn't really a guy I dig music-wise besides pirates and inception (which I actually do like), but this soundtrack would have benefited from his involvement. Not for me.

Time waits for no one, including you mr Nolan.

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