Terrified ★★★½

Terrified is creepy, taking a trio of houses in a neighborhood and decorating them with unsettling tension bolstered by excellent sound design and very effective scares ranging from subtle to bombastic. The first act setup really sucked me in, as did everyone in this movie taking clearly unexplainable supernatural scenarios very seriously. The second act approach of zig zagging characters/houses was right up my alley as well—thickening the air with ‘no one is safe’ vibes.

Well acted all around with great effects, a little CGI I wasn’t super crazy about, and brisk pacing (despite a lull in act 2) culminating in a final act I was all in on. The tone really sold me on this, and I can only describe it as I did when I started this review, creepy. I’ll be revisiting this again, preferably late at night because this is the kind of haunted sppokhouse jam that’ll totally give me the willies under the right circumstance.