The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★½

Dopey satire fun features solid kills, a brisk pace (90 minutes!), plenty of dark comedy, a score that reminded me of that cool music from The Untouchables (but more pedestrian obvi), and a great final fight between Gilpen and Swank. Can’t believe this movie put people into an uproar lol, but at the end of the day I got exactly what I wanted out of a quick paced 90 minute gore filled dark comedy satire that lampooned caricatures of conservatives and liberals. I was gonna give this 3 stars but like I mentioned earlier... that finale showdown was pretty intense. Oh, and like every other review has already confirmed: Betty Gilpin was awesome.

Also I’m so happy that Dennis from its always sunny is typecast playing smug elite dudes because he’s so perfect at it lmao.

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