The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Scorsese’s death meditation—the last gangster film. It’s really fascinating to me that 2019 gave us two films from extraordinarily storied filmmakers in very self reflective moods, and honestly... both of them occupy the top spot as far as my favorite films of the year go. I love this movie... In fact I love it more than I love most movies—seeing these three actors together in the twilight of their careers guided one of the greatest living filmmakers (with clearly A LOT on his mind) was something very special and it deeply affected me—straight to my core.

Feels like the last chapter in a book, and although it absolutely fits into unofficial trilogy territory with the likes of GoodFellas and Casino, this feels nothing like either of those to me... this was a different mood entirely and holds more weight than either—This was demystified. This was emptiness. This was Atonement.

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