The Sect ★★★½

The last gasp years of the Italian horror cycle. 

After a brief 1970's intro of hippie slaughter, skip to ‘present day’ where a bunch of Satan worshippers are involved in a spree of grisly murders—ripped out hearts, demon well pits, pelican death dreams, and bird rape are just a few things that turn up in this Italian satan jam as it quickly becomes apparent that herbert lom has some messed up ideas for Jamie Lee Curtis’ sister that involves the SATANIC LEAGUE OF THE DOOOOOMED.

1991 brought us The Sect (aka Devil's Daughter or Demons 4), the second pairing of producer Dario Argento and director Michele Soavi... and it’s perhaps my least favorite of his four horror releases but even with that being said it still has more imagination than a lot genre offerings of that year. I dig it plenty, but It's just hard to compete when you're sandwiched between The Church and fucking Cemetery Man.

Also, pelicans are scary nightmare birds!!!!!!

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