Here’s my updated list of favourite films.  I tend to love movies so much that I find problems in them until there’s nothing left. In the words of a…

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  • Memento



    Exams are done! Life continues. Can’t pretend this was a prep watch for TENET, because I saw it several months ago - among like 70 other films that I’ll eventually get around to logging - but I still like it a lot, as I shamefully confess I do most of Nolan’s films. (Especially INCEPTION, which I recently upgraded to the rarely-seen 5/5; justification in like a year, probably, given my current logging rate.) This is just ludicrously enjoyable on a…

  • A White, White Day

    A White, White Day


    I’ve been on this site for three years today, so to celebrate I thought I’d talk about the first film I’ve seen in theatres in several months. What a fitting return it was, too - I’d have loved this in any format, but I can’t imagine eg the magnificent final shot, which echoes PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE’s but with one of the best songs ever written, working nearly as well without every emotion flicking across Ingvar Sigurdsson’s face…

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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    There was a time when Wes Anderson’s style was new. A time when it was fresh, and exciting. While he didn’t really find his stride until The Royal Tenenbaums, for years afterwards what he was doing onscreen was something nobody had really ever done. He seemed to be projecting his very soul onscreen for everyone to see: deeply flawed and endlessly pedantic, but also with an enormous heart. Indeed, the typical Anderson hero tends to mimic Anderson himself as a…

  • Dunkirk



    I don't throw around the word "masterpiece" too much. Unless I'm around Christopher Nolan. In Dunkirk, he has crafted his FOURTH (count them) masterpiece. Every note of this film hits right, from Hans Zimmer's score to the brilliant acting not only from veterans like Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh, but from people like Harry Styles, who is way better than you would expect. This is almost silent filmmaking, so when the dialogue hits, it's unexpected and shocking, like Churchill's speech at the end. This might turn out to be the best film of the year. If so, it deserves it.