Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Rewatch, because this received some pretty negative reviews and I wanted to confirm my original instincts were right and I wasn't just influenced by the fact that I love Star Wars. This isn't even a particularly low 3-and-a-half; it's extremely close to 4/5 territory. More than anything else, I'm amazed by how fluid this feels, jumping between set-pieces and emotional beats with a dexterity that eluded both Rogue One and The Last Jedi. (This is not remotely a guilty pleasure, by the way - I legitimately believe that this is the best Star Wars movie since The Force Awakens, and that only that and episodes III-V are stronger than it overall.)

Side note: the critics asking to "release the Lord/Miller cut" are probably misguided - I think Lord and Miller would have put in more of the prequel-esque cartoon villain that we see in the beginning and had less of Howard's natural craftmanship. Cast all give excellent performances (especially Harrelson, who is literally always the highlight of every film he's in); solid cinematography; a script that actually wants the audience to have fun (as opposed to, say, Rogue One's). The moral message at the end feels a bit abrupt, but otherwise this is completely solid entertainment.

MVP points to Harrelson.

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