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  • The Brood

    The Brood


    When the movie opened with Oliver Reed having that guy call him daddy in front of an audience and told him he should have been born a girl I really felt that.

    David Cronemberg’s most divorced guy movie. The body-horror and technological elements of his work felt less tight here almost to the point of detriment, but all that it implies about intergenerational abuse and the viscerality of its suspense really made it click for me. It would be irresponsible to…

  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

    Beyond the Black Rainbow


    Beyond The Black Rainbow clicked for me far more the second time. Turns out the key is to watch it while smoking weed in a cozy basement with pretty girls who are audiovisual wizards after going to a kinky street-fair.

  • Wolf Guy

    Wolf Guy



    Look Wolf Guy fucking ruled but for a movie supposedly starring an “Enraged Lycanthrope” my man Sonny Chiba wasn’t a werewolf even once, he was just the cool guy version of the wolf kid we all knew in middle school.

    This movie has everything. A woman killing rapists with a spirit tiger, style for days, two separate government conspiracies, mommy kink and furry shit, some Cronenberg-y shit and great gore, but not a single werewolf in the werewolf movie

  • Totally Fucked Up

    Totally Fucked Up


    “Don’t touch me unless you mean it.”

  • Belladonna of Sadness

    Belladonna of Sadness


    JEANNE: I want to become a horrifying woman. I want people to turn away in horror when i pass by in the street. I don't want to forget anger and hatred! Who says anger and hatred are ugly?

    THE DEVIL: You have become beautiful, Jeanne. You are even more beautiful than God.

    she gave her whole pussy for the devil and incited revolution with her titties out, what a queen.

    It goes without saying but the the animation in this…

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    “Because…I want…to fit…in.”

    Patrick Bateman just wants to fit in. He wants to fit in like a predator at the top of the food chain. He wants to fit in like the perfect human specimen of American affluence. He wants to fit in like the Charging Bull of Wall Street, the Fearless Girl—all grown up, working the streets—gored on his horn. Like the Adonis of the stock exchange. Like Narcissus practicing the social script in the mirror of the river…

  • The Return of the Living Dead

    The Return of the Living Dead



    Adding Split Dog to my ever-growing collection of fursonas but with Suicide’s chains and Trash’s tits

  • May



    Oh this movie hurt my feelings A Lot. Like every ugly terror cutting off all the beautiful pieces of you until all that’s left is a fucking doll.

    This was not the fucking film to watch while having an RSD flareup but I had a great time having a very bad time.

    Go read Salem’s review, he hit the nail on the fucking head:

  • O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization

    O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not “religion is the opiate of the masses” as in Christianity, or any other traditional religion, exactly, but rather, faith in the system that killed us to deliver us salvation. The opiate of the masses is faith in the false hope that there is any way out of this tomb the bastards in power erected, faith in the sanctity of the old class structures, faith in the myths we make out of our abjection and desperation to give us a reason,…

  • Flux Gourmet

    Flux Gourmet


    It’s kind of like being trapped at a art residency with Amanda Palmer except my pussy isn’t bone-dry and there’s actually lot of fucking talent on display, both in-fiction and on all sides of the camera.

    Flux Gourmet follows the glorious collapse of a sonic catering collective from emotional and collaborative resentments held in like a particularly cacophonous fart, finally passed like a pent-up shit in a blender on full-blast. Relationship drama, psychosexual trauma, jealousy and gastrointestinal distress ignite a powder…

  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    Does David Cronenberg think it’s hot to make Viggo play a man roleplaying another man. I mean, who wouldn’t, but that’s beside the point.

    A History Of Violence really is, to paraphrase Gretchen Felker-Martin, "the 'Watchmen' of 'average family man kills home invaders in heroic self-defense' movies”. The All-American Manhood of Murder with its jaw ripped open by a bullet, nose caved in, eye gouged out with barbed wire. Like Eastern Promises it’s a Viggo-Cronenberg crime flick with David’s flair for body…

  • Halloween



    The original Halloween is “iconic but flat,” as aptly described by a friend. Rob Zombie’s Halloween is everything but flat, and certainly iconic for it. Sans the untouchably iconic score and masks reused from the 1978 original, Zombie subtly, and as subtly as a skull bashed into a wall, subverts the elements of the original to create something bolder, meaner, sleazier, and, oddly, more tender.

    Zombie largely swaps the suburbs of the original for working class neighborhoods, for broken homes and the carcasses…