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  • Parasite


    I love the Empire Pictures output but holy hell do I love these pre-Empire Charlie Band movies just as much. Every one of them has that feel to it. That "no money, no supervision, let's shoot in the desert and try not to kill ourselves while we do it" kinda feel. That doesn't do it justice. I'm not explaining it well. I can't find the words but Crash, Mansion of the Doomed, Laserblast, The Day Time Ended (or at least…

  • Silent Madness

    Silent Madness

    I sat in a theater to watch Silent Madness screened from a 35mm print in 3D with absolutely no knowledge as to what the movie is about. I just knew that it was not an opportunity that would likely come around again so I better get my ass into Manhattan.

    I went to Forbidden Planet first for a Mike Gingold book signing where I also bumped into Larry Fessenden (I almost said hello but then he was gone). I only…

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  • Troll 2

    Troll 2

    They tried so fucking hard.

  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp

    Holy shit...I did not see this one coming at all.

    I've heard that Sleepaway Camp had an interesting ending so for years now I've been waiting to get my hands on the box set and making sure I never read anything about the series. It definitely paid off.

    Friday the 13th and The Burning this is not...You won't find the same quality but that doesn't mean this movie suffers. As far as I'm concerned I just watched a trashy slasher…