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  • Robowar


    Battle Bots will always be super special to me because it was my first movie as an actor which just so happened to be directed by one of my favorite directors of all time. The last year or two of my life has been a wild ride and I’ve honestly never been happier. I’ve met a lot of really interesting people and become friends with many people whose work I really admire, one of them obviously being Mark Polonia.


  • Black Devil Doll from Hell

    Black Devil Doll from Hell

    You know those defining moments in your life? The ones that either let you know you're on the right track or that you need to reevaluate some decisions. They come around every once in a while and they can be pretty cathartic. I had one of those this morning as I pressed play and started watching Black Devil Doll From Hell for the third time in less than twelve hours. I started thinking that maybe I was wasting away the…

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  • Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

    Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

    When the roadshow was announced I thought I was buying tickets for the first stop on the tour, The Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ. Unfortunately, I bought tickets to the Paramount in Huntington, Long Island. Whatever, I drove my ass out to Long Island last night to see this movie and boy was I disapointed.

    I'm a diehard fan. A lifer in the View Askewniverse. But, I didn't like this movie. I don't need to watch older versions of…

  • Bury Me an Angel

    Bury Me an Angel

    Barbara Peeters should have made more movies. She only made 5 over a ten year period and that's not nearly enough. Humanoids From The Deep is one of the greatest monster movies of all time. I almost feel bad saying that because I know she wasn't thrilled with all the sex and extra violence that was added after the fact and she felt like she got tricked and her movie was stolen right out from under her. I get it…

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  • Manos: The Hands of Fate

    Manos: The Hands of Fate

    "Without Manos: The Hands of Fate there would be no 2001: A Space Oddyssey."
    -Stanley Kubrick

    "Robert Smith Jr and Russ Huddleston's score is the reason I started composing"
    -John Williams

    "I almost quit show business for good the first time I saw Manos. I mean, when a performance as brilliant as John Reynolds' Torgo already exists why would I even bother trying..."
    -Jack Nicholson

  • Troll 2

    Troll 2

    They tried so fucking hard.