Blood Freak

This movie really is baffling. It's a Christian scare film with a giant dope fiend turkey monster. I write about a lot of wacky shit but never have I ever written a sentence so exciting as that one. It's so incredibly amazing that I'm going to repeat it because it bares repeating:


Only in Florida...

So, Steve Hawkes was in a Spanish/Italian/Filipino coproduction of a Tarzan knockoff called Tarzan y el Arco Iris when a fire stunt went horribly wrong and he ended up with burns covering 90% of his body. He got stuck in Florida for a while recovering and that's when he met up with Brad Grinter who had shot two movies in Florida a few years previously (Devil Rider and Flesh Feast) and they decided to team up and make Blood Freak. They both wrote it and directed it together and Steve Hawkes stars as the biker-turned-turkey-monster.

Honestly though, turning into a turkey monster is bad enough...but when you're already grappling with a brand new drug addiction it just seems like too much for one man/mutant to handle. How do you get to that point while you're writing the script? Did they just have access to a turkey farm and try to figure out how to incorporate it into the script? Maybe they came up with the turkey idea first and then had to find a suitable turkey farm? If this script had more than one draft I'm impressed the turkey-headed monster part didn't get caught because the real crux of the story seems to be pro-God/anti-drug and some mad scientist's experimenting on turkeys turning a guy INTO a turkey doesn't seem to further that agenda in the least...

Boy does it make it more fun to watch though!

Do I even need to mention that the "actors" "performances" lend it a more outsider feel than most things I've seen lately that were actually shot on film? I would think that would be a given considering everything I've said so far...but just in's outsider as fuck.

This is my new Thanksgiving tradition and I just wish I had not been such a jerk and watched this YEARS ago when I bought it!

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